20 Dec 2011


I have kinda had this post up my sleeve for a long time and kept postponing publishing it, because to me its a personal letter. But I decided to share it with you all. Please fill free to read too:
Dear God sent Babe,
         As I watched you sleep in my arms, after those long horrible hours of PUUUUUSSSH, PUSSSSH, I say to myself "you are the best thing that ever happened to me".Its such a wonderful feeling I have, looking at you. So I make this promises to you, with the hope that one day you would thank God for having a parent like me.
        I promise to push to you to be the best you can ever be in life.I wouldnt be harsh on you,but neither would I be soft. I wouldnt let you settle for the second best because God created you in his image and likeness, and you are not a second best creation.
       I promise to teach you how to be accountable for every decision you make in life.Because,whatever decision you make determines your future.
       I wouldnt close my eyes to your fault, and I would let you make some mistakes and be there to correct you too.
       I wouldnt help you choose your friends, but I would teach you to learn to trust them, so you know the joy of friendship.
      When you tell me what you want to be in future, I wouldnt discourage you , but encourage you to be the best in whatever you do in life.
       When you come crying out of fustration, dissapointment or heartbreak, I would put your head on shoulder and be your pillow of comfort.
      When you celebrate your success, I would celebrate it with you and thank God for seeing you through. And if you ever fail, I would give you those words of wisdom, and push you back on track.
      The race is not for the swift, but for the strong and steady, this is a thought I would drill in your mind, and teach you.
     When you have your first crush , I would join you in the girly/boys talk, but also teach you that Love conquers all.
      The fear of God is the begiining of wisdom, are words you would say and thank God for giving you me as a parent.
     And lastly, I would be proud of you and show you of to the world as MY CHILD.
      If I fall short of my promises to you, Pray forgive me for I am only but human.

 Yours Sincerely,

  Your Future Mother