19 Nov 2011


 Is it ME or my BELLY that is screaming blue murder?
      I love food but what I have eaten today, only Andrew Liver's Salt can help, not to talk of the weight gain. Eeeeeh I am watching my weight, and size.LOL... I attended a wedding and forgot not to eat in the morning, thats my norm, so my belly woud be empty for the small chops.(you know now). Now I can't stand up, so as I fine chick I am , I gats to maintain, stand up, smile at all the fine dudes and chicks and leave, before I act a BBA Nigerian version life for them all. So, I escaped belly ache, but not the extra flesh that comes with too much wedding small chops.
      Meanwhile, @ luciano and Che, I would write a post, and definitely add some pics if any TIMI comes my way (for real, there is none now). I just didnt know what to write but felt like posting something. Happy Married life to the newly wedded couple*I dont even know their name*, but I definitely know that their combo is made in heaven(they look like models)....
My tummy just rumbled ....aaarrrggh, I promise not to eat in anyother wedding I go for...byeeee...