1 Nov 2011

Life's all about risks

Have you ever watched an eight month old baby take its first step? She makes a decision to take that step and fall while trying to and make through to the next step or to sit where she is and never take that risk. That’s what life is all about. We start taking risk from when we were conceived, risk’s like: do i make it through this stage as a fetus and come into this world… the list goes on and on. You take that risk to take make that decision or end up wondering what would have happened if you did take it.
      The alarm rang; it was 5:30am. Bisola woke up, “Another day at work”, she yawned. Then she recalled what happened the day before, SHE LOST HER JOB. Sitting up, she asked herself, “What next for me? I can’t sit here all day filling sorry for myself, and end up suffering from depression”. Picking up her phone she called her best friend Titilayo. ”Bisola” came the voice at the other end of the phone “Bawo ni ale ana, so wa pa? Why are you calling me at this early hour?” asked Titi.”I lost my job yesterday” came the reply.”I know you told me that last night, what are you going to do about it? ”, asked Titi. “I have no idea yet I would call you when I think of something” said Bisola. Titi replied “No probs, when you think of something don’t fail to let me know, I am on my way to work. Bye. Luv you”
    Bisola looks at her watch, 10:45am; she was still typing her c.v’s , and making those calls.”I have to call Titi before it slips off my mind” she says. Immediately her phone rings, its Titi.”I have been expecting your call since; anyway thank God you didn’t call”.”I want to start up my own IT firm”, Bisola says excitedly. Silence “Hello?”, “I heard you Bisola”, replies Titi. ”Have you thought about this real good ,you know you just lost your job yesterday and now your thinking about starting your own firm. Its not beans ooo”, says Bisola.”I know, it’s just that I don’t want to work under anyone again, you know I have always wanted to be my own boss since school days” ,Titi replies tiredly. ”I hear you, just be sure of what you want to do, you know that the industry is full of men with their ego’s and you would need to know a big player*you know what I mean*,I doubt if you would have a chance”. ”Haba Titi!!! Don’t be negative, I really need your help.” ,says Bisola.”KK I would all I can to help, but have you told Chubby?” “No!” came the reply. ”Why?” asks Titi.” I want to take the risks on my own I don’t want to involve him” Bisola replies.”Got 2 go, would call you after work “says Titi hurriedly
          “Do I take this risk or keep looking for a job, I don’t even have a starting capital”, Bisola ponders.
P.S Bisola needs your help, what would you advice to do…