4 Nov 2011

I gat a feeling

       I gat a feeling, hooo, hoo, that tonights gonna be a good night, that tonights gonna be a good good night.
I am in love, I am in love, meeeehn...I can't believe this. Rolling my eye's and looking at the ceiling. I hope my friends, especially the male one's don't stumble on this post, they would be like, finally the TIGRESS has fallen *I use to form I can't fall in love with anyone *. It would take more than just a cute face, it has to.
      Let me tell you about the dude I fell in love with. His name is Timi. Meeehnn, he is super cute, every girls dream man.I met him online.It was love at first meeting, then love at first sight *we exchanged pics*. I don't care if you say that kind of love doesn't exist, it does to me now. Back to TIMI. He is in yankee, while I am a student in obodo 9ja. I am praying to GOD that those yankee babes dont take my TIMI away . I won't be able to cope with the heartbarake *sobs*. Jeez, did I just hear myself say that, meeeeehn, how the mighty have fallen. My firiends are like.."babe, you not all right ooo, how would you be doing long distance" and I am like "babez free me jooo, is my heart and my TIMI. He loves me and I love him, the love is mutual". My friends envy me, I know it from the *bombom* of my heart. They are waiting for him to land in 9ja so that they would theif him.If they try that one eeeehhhh, the friendship has ended #GBAM. No comma, no fullstops .Abi ,don't they have their own again...mcthew...they would not allow a sister to enjoy herself.
        Oya, start giving me lecture 101 on relationships, you are on your own. I am a strong geh, let me enjoy the fun while it lasts. See how i am telling you about TIMI, without you seeing him...
  Thats my TIMI...Awwww, isn't he a cutie...muuuuaaaah, together forever till death tear us apart *that is if i don't see another one ooo*.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       I can see the dissappointed look on you face, and a greedy one too...hehehe, you were expecting one drop dead gorgeous guy, abi. Naaah, this is my TIMI ooo, and he is for me alone, NO SHARING. hehehe.. I love watches, it gives me that aura of confidence...its my second love after phones, bags, and fine boys..*rolling my eyes*, now i have told you another secret of mine,*sighing*, me and my big mouth eeehhh...
                 I had to type this hurriedly, before Grace leaves me*crying*. I hate to leave but i have to. Till i write another post...au revoir.
                 I don't know if i got that french ...byeee...mu-ah...luv you guys.