3 Nov 2011


         Mehn, it took me quite a while to think of what to name this post. As you all know i am new to blogs ville.*standing ovation* thank you, thank you. I've been online all day looking at Forbes list of powerful women, just one female African and she is the Liberian President*disappointed sigh*. I love power, always want to be independent, you know that feeling you have when you walk into an office and people look at you with respect especially when you are a woman.I love it.
      Let me tell you about this dream i had last night. I saw this super duper sweet phone*i have been dreaming of this phone since it came out*, and the phone was saying come and get me, come and get me, mehn you should have seen my greedy eyes roll, not that i am greedy ooo, but you know as a student that i am, i have the tendency to luv free things ...*awoof no dey run belle, i no gree*, back to my dream, so i grab the phone and start dancing..mehn i've got a new smart phone ooo, latest owner of 1 in the building, you should have seen the look on my elder sister's face...i couldn't laugh, i knew she would kill me if she could  to own it*exaggerating, my sis is not like that ooh*...next thing i heard, my alarm started to ring...i woke up, wishing and praying that the phone was still in my hands. I opened  my eyes, NO PHONE...WHEW, IT WAS JUST A DREAM.
      The phone is an IPHONE 4S...lol