17 Nov 2011


                 Thats the question I asked a graduate friend of mine.The dude told me all the fancyful dreams he had and I wished him Goodluck. I dedicate this post to the Graduants and Convocating students of the University of Ibadan. It is not easy to be a graduate, after all the stress of no light, no water. You have to celebrate it, cos it is worth the celebration.
           After the partying(convocation celebration), when you are in that room of yours, ask yourself the question I asked above and see if you have a mapped out plan already. Yeah, yeah you might have one , but not everyone would have an answer to that question. Being a graduate is one thing, but being one who already has a plan rght from school days is another.
I couldn't help but overhear the conversation between Tomisin and Zainab. "After graduation what next", Zainab asked Tomisin, "I am getting married to Chris and would give birth to cute kids ",Tomisin replied. "So you plan on being a housewife, I never knew you where serious about it, but you know these are difficult times and it would be helpful for you to contribute to the upkeep of the family. Anyway, I plan on travelling for my masters, thats after my NYSC",Zainab said, while she smiled to take her convocation pictures. 
            You might support Tomisin's decision, or that of Zainab, or might be like Nwakaego from a rich home who already has a job in her father's company after her NYSC, or like Richie the kid from a spoilt home who is still being babysitted by his parents. Whichever you are, there is a life after your graduation days, and that is the life of a jobless graduate. You might not want to be like Chris *my neighbour*  who after 4 years of graduation still dreams of the palace  in the sky *he is yet to lay the foundation*. I hope you set a plan A or B (whichever you want) after you read this post, so you know where you are headed.
         I wish you a happy NYSC *Now Your Suffering Continues* experience, for those of you posted to the north, I would pray for you, so you don't fall prey to BOKO HARAM. (The fear of BOKO HARAM is the beginning of WISDOM).
My mom peeped into my post, and answered Work, marriage and kids. That sounds like the dream of the average graduate. A big shout out to my good friend IMMACULATE, she graduated with a First Class from the Department of Petroluem Engineering.Meeeehn, its not beans, that was real hardwork and dedication, thumbs up to you. What tripped me the most, was that, SHE WAS SO HUMLE ABOUT IT....
Feel free to drop a comment, be you a graduate, semi-graduate*like me*, a fresher or a high school kid....Till I drop another post....STAY TUNED....