9 Nov 2017

You can now tweet with 280-characters on Twitter

Just recently,Twitter announced that it had said the expanded the character limit you get to tweet to 280 characters.  With the previous limit twitter said 9 percent of tweets hit 140 characters.


Yass!!! This was long over due!!!

Twitter said in a blogpost, “More space makes it easier for people to fit thoughts in a tweet, so they could say what they want to say, and send Tweets faster than before”.

I am super excited about this new feature...

What are your thoughts on this?

17 Oct 2017

Krack Attack: The new Wi-Fi security Breached and all you need to know

Guys there is a new security breach in town and its coming for your devices that are Wifi enabled. 

Every single Wifi enabled device (every single smartphone, wireless access point, and WiFi-enabled laptop) is vulnerable to this attack due to a fundamental flaw with WPA2(Wireless Protected Access v2). 

This new vulnerability known as KRACK can allow attackers to intercept Wi-Fi connection between devices and wireless access points to read safely encrypted information. Hackers don’t need to even crack a Wi-Fi password to achieve this. The Bad news, "41 percent of all Android devices are vulnerable to this attack".

How KRACK Works:
KRACK that takes advantage of vulnerabilities in Wi-Fi security to let attackers eavesdrop on traffic between computers and wireless access points. WPA2 (the popular authentication scheme used to protect personal and enterprise Wi-Fi networks) protocol can be manipulated into reusing encryption keys to launch the KRACK attack.

The Outcome:
Attackers can view and compromise your encrypted traffic, inject ransomware code, hijack your credentials, and steal sensitive information like credit card numbers, passwords, emails, photos, and more.

So, "If your device supports Wi-Fi, it will likely be affected".

Read more on KRACK Attacks Here 


27 Sep 2017

GOOGLE is 19 today, Happy Birthday Google!!!

Yeah!!! Google's is 19th today!!! She is celebrating her birthday with a Doodle that lets you play through the most fun Doodles ever. Google now has 4.5billion users in 160 countries (Thats more than half of the world's population). I can't believe its been 19 awesome years of "Google it"

Google has selected the best of its Doodle in recent years and assembled them into a meta Doodle which lets you use a spinner to find which of the Doodles to play. And guess what?? The games are full screen.

Here is How to Play the Game with the Doodle:

1. Log on to the Google homepage
2. Click on the spinner, and opt either to play the option you've been given or have another go.

I listed a couple of the games that are fun to try out:

  • Snake
  • Pac Man (One of the greatest games and greatest Doodles, this is also the oldest on the list) 
  • DJing (Takes you through an educational and interesting trip from the beginnings of hip hop)
  • Beethoven's Fifth Symphony(Lets you stitch together parts of Beethoven's famous work)
  • Earth day quiz (Lets you find out what animal you're most like, by asking a series of more or less revealing questions).

Have you wished Google a "Happy Birthday" today

15 Sep 2017

HMD Set To Launch A Budget Friendly NOKIA 2.Here's All You Need To Know About It.

HMD Global is getting ready to launch its next Nokia smartphone running Android, and leaks suggest that this might be the Nokia 2, the cheapest and budget friendly Nokia phone with a massive battery.  

Here’s everything you need to know about the Nokia 2, including the rumored hardware and price tag


Display:           4.7" to 5-inch HD (1,280 x 720 pixels) screen
Processor:  Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 or Snapdragon 212                                processor 
Ram:  1GB of RAM.
Storage:            8GB 
OS:          Android 7.1.1 Nougat. 
Battery Size:  4,000mAh! Which is huge compared to the 5, 6 and                          8 models, which all have around 3,000mAh
Camera:  8 MP rear camera, and a 5 MP selfie snapper. 
Network:          4G LTE

The Nokia 2 is rumored to have thick bezels pad at the top and bottom, and a silver-accented band runs the length of all four sides with slightly curved corners and physical power and volume buttons on the right-hand side. The speaker is located at the backs lower left corner. The pic shows two colors, black and white. And if the LTE indicator on the screen is anything to go by, the Nokia 2 will support high-speed 4G cell networks.

It is rumored that the Nokia 2 will cost about $109, which is very affordable. I will keep you posted on its launch and release date.

Google Will Automatically Delete Your Android Backups if Your device is Inactive for Two Months

If you have an android device and you feel like porting to the iPhone crew with the launch of iPhone 8, 8plus and iPhone X. I will advise you shouldn't abandon the Android family for long because I have bad news for you. Google will automatically schedule to delete backups of your Android device if the device is inactive for more than two months.

Google allows for backups of your Android mobile device to Drive, but these backups will only be retained “as long as you use your device.” If the device is unused for two weeks, Google Drive will display an expiration date below the backup, and show you a countdown of how much longer you have until your backup gets automatically wiped. If your device still remains inactive for two months, your device backup will be deleted.

Sadly, If your backup gets deleted, it cannot be restored meaning all of your data and settings will vanish.

Google doesn't advertise this, so check in every once in a while to continue saving your backups. 

To find out which of your backups are set to expire:
1. Log in to your google drive folder
2. Navigate to the backups folder
3. And check which backups are set to expire.

To avoid this always have one android device access Google servers every month then your backups should be fine. 


14 Sep 2017

Blueborne Can Hack Your Mobile Phones / Laptop Through Your Bluetooth. Here is how to stay safe

There is a new Bluetooth vulnerability in town that could expose your device to remote attack, and its called Blueborne. It allows a virus to leap from one device to  another if the bluetooth is on regardless of the operating system being used. Blueborne can affect up to 8 billion devices around the world, because it can infect Windows, Linux, Android and iOS devices prior to iOS 10.

Here is How Blueborne Works:
1.  Blueborne masquerades as a Bluetooth device.

2.  It exploits the weaknesses in your device to deploy malicious code without any any input from the user. 

3.    Blueborne doesn’t require your device to be paired with the malicious device, or even be set in discoverable mode as long as your bluetooth is ON you are vulnerable.

It has a few limitations tho:
1. Blueborne attacks only devices with their Bluetooth turned ON

2. iPhones running iOS 10 are immune to the attack 

Here is How To Stay Protected:
1. Install the latest security updates. 
2. If you don’t have access to that, make sure that the Bluetooth on your device isn’t enabled when not needed.

3. The best and simplest way to be protected is to always leave your Bluetooth off or avoid using Bluetooth at all. 

4. A better alternative is to use Xender. I did a post on how to use Xender on PC here.

Android devices are the most vulnerable. Google released a patch fix to device manufacturers a month ago. Find out if your device manufacturer has this patch and ensure you install it.


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