17 Aug 2017

6 Amazing Things You Can Do With Google Maps

Have you ever gotten lost while trying to get to an event just because you didn't know the way and had to ask for directions only to be more confused and misdirected? If you have, I bet you never knew you could find your way with google maps.  I remember sometime early this month, my friends and I decided to visit Lufasi nature park, and none of us knew the way. I suggested we change plans to Lekki Conservative, but they all insisted on Lufasi. Guess what, we drove all the way to Lufasi nature Park with the aid of Google Maps. 

Today, I will share 5 amazing things I discovered you could do with the google maps app:

1. Directions to your destination:
I use this a lot. You key in your location, and your destination, and get routes and an estimated time it would take you to get there. An automated female voice directs you. I call her Sally. Most times she mispronounces the names of local routes. Fortunately, if there is traffic or you change your route yourself, she automatically switches with directions of your new route.  

2. Get Traffic Updates:
From your location, you can get traffic prone routes and the fastest route out of the traffic. Sometimes this route is longer. I use this after work to get home. 

3. Share Your Location With a Loved One:
Google bundled this feature into Google Maps, previously it used to be available on Google+. To share your location, open Google Maps and then tap the hamburger menu in the top-left corner of the app. Now tap Share location to get started with the setup process. You can share your location for a specific length of time with any of your contacts. Once you’ve selected your contacts, you’ll get a prompt letting you know those people can view your route. You can also create a shareable link of your locale for pals who don’t typically use Google Maps. This lets them see your trek in a web browser. You can also share your trip.

4. Public Bustops and Routes:
You can view bustops routes if you intend taking a public transport to your destination.

5. Fun Spots Near Me:
If you would like to visit fun spots close to you, you could type "things to do near me or fun spots around me" and a list of spots to visit would show up with reviews.

6. Ask Questions:

When you open up a business listing in Google Maps,  you’ll be able to see questions that other people have asked in a Q&A section. You can ask your own queries about the location or upvote useful information. This new Q&A feature was just added to Google Maps for Android today.

These are the 6 I could come up with for now. Do you have fun things you could do with Google Map, please share in the comment box below.

16 Aug 2017

Greys Anatomys Creator Moves from ABC to a Mega Deal with NetFlix

Netflix has lured Shonda Rhimes, the well-regarded creator of TV series "Scandal" and "Grey's Anatomy," from ABC, its latest big get as media companies old and new fight for viewers' attention.

I bet you have seen Greys Anatomy or Scandal (my fav) or even Private Practice. Guess what, the creator of these three shows Shonda Lynn Rhymes has landed a major deal with Netflix. This ends her 15 years with ABC.

But her existing, well-known shows — "Grey's Anatomy,"'Scandal" and "How to Get Away With Murder" will remain on the ABC.


15 Aug 2017

Google is Paying Apple $3 billion per Year to Remain the Default Search Engine on iOS Devices

Fresh reports have it that Search Engine Giant Google pays Apple about $3 billion, every year to remain the default search engine on iOS devices, and these licensing payments make up a large bulk of Apple's services revenue.

This is up from a previous payment of $1 million in 2014 when the payment started. This payment from Google alone may account for 5% of Apple's total operating profits this year, and may account for 25% of total company OP growth over the last two years."

This information was leaked during the Copyright infringement suit against Google from Oracle. The drama gets worse, I will keep you updated with juicy updates.

9 Aug 2017

You can now share videos and chat with your friends in the Youtube Mobile App

Yesterday, Youtube released a new feature in the Youtube mobile app which lets you share videos and also chat with your friends from within the app, turning it into a mobile messenger. 

The video sticks to the top of the chat and you can reply chats while watching a video. Sadly, there are no emojis for chats yet. 

The idea behind the sharing feature’s development is to transition some of the social activity that takes place around videos – including the sharing of links and chats about the video back into YouTube instead of other messaging apps. 

The feature itself is easy to use. All you need do is:

1. Login to your Youtube mobile app
2. Look at the bottom menu bottoms, you would see the new "Share" feature.
3. Click on share.
4. Invite your contacts on your phone, or adding "people you may know" (It pulls this info from your google contacts)

In addition to sharing videos and chatting, you can also reply to videos with other videos, or even a heart. You can also group sharing with up to 30 people in Youtube.

Have you tested this new feature?


This Sex Robot Can ORGASM and Remember YOUR Favourite Position

Samantha is a sex doll created by Dr Sergi Santos a Barcelona-based engineer Sergi Santos that can respond to basic conversation and can be seduced. She comes with eight different modes, including family, entertainment, analysis, sleep and three sexy settings – romantic, calm and “nasty”.

Samantha is a hyper-realistic robot made from “polymer composite”.  If touched in places such as her hands or her hips, she responds with statements such as “I love this” and “nice and gentle”.
Her creator, Dr Santos says, “People can finally buy her now for £2,500 ($3,300). When people see her get aroused and excited, I’m sure it will feel surreal.”

Would you buy Samantha, what do you think?

8 Aug 2017

Did you know that Google offered to buy Snapchat for $30 billion

Sometime in 2016, Google held informal talks with Snap and floated an offer of $30 billion in 2016 before Snap’s last funding round, and just before its IPO this year. But Snap’s CEO Evan Spiegel has apparently showed no interest in selling out to Google or anyone else.

Google’s growth-stage investment fund CapitalG invested in Snap after the 2016 talks were futile. The two tech giants are long have long buddies with Google chairman Eric Schmidt was an adviser to Spiegel, Snap runs Google’s office software suite and Snapchat has committed to spending $2 billion on Google Cloud hosting over the next five years.